Are you and your partner struggling to figure out what to do next with an unplanned pregnancy? Money often plays a huge factor in what pregnancy options a couple considers. 

No matter what you decide to do next, The Open Door Pregnancy Family Resource Center is here to help better inform you regarding all of your pregnancy options, the risks and costs related to abortion, and the resources available to you.

Will My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

If your partner is not your legal spouse, most insurance companies will not provide medical coverage for her, including for abortion.

If your girlfriend is uninsured and seeking free pregnancy health services, including pregnancy testing and an ultrasound scan, The Open Door is here to help! Keep reading to learn more about our free and confidential services offered to couples facing unplanned pregnancies!

Steps to Take Before Making a Choice for Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Before moving forward with abortion, we recommend scheduling an appointment to confirm your girlfriend’s pregnancy with a pregnancy test and an ultrasound scan. Ultrasounds not only confirm the gestational age of the pregnancy but also if there are any serious health conditions that may need to be addressed.

The more information you have regarding your girlfriend’s pregnancy and health conditions, the more empowered you will both feel as you make this important decision for your future. 

The Risks of Abortion

There are major risks to both surgical and medication abortion procedures. You and your partner deserve to know what they are before making a final decision. 

Potential risks of surgical abortion include perforation of the uterus, infection, damage to the cervix, heavy bleeding, and more. 

Risks of medication abortion include possible incomplete abortion, infection, prolonged bleeding, digestive system discomfort, and more.

Talk to our non-judgmental team today at The Open Door to learn more about your pregnancy options, including parenting, adoption, and abortion. If your partner hasn’t already, she will want to confirm her pregnancy through a free pregnancy test and ultrasound at our center.

The Open Door Pregnancy Family Resource Center provides pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, abortion information, post-abortion support, material assistance, and more! 

Schedule a free and confidential appointment today. You are not alone!