Finding out you’re pregnant can be an overwhelming experience—especially if it was unplanned.

Who can you talk to about it? What are your options? What about abortion?

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to talk with a caring staff member at The Open Door. We have locations in Breckenridge and Cisco, Texas. 

Here are three reasons to talk with us about abortion.

#1. You’ll Receive Information About All Options

Even if you’re leaning toward abortion, you have two other options to consider—adoption and parenting. By learning about every option, you can make a more confident and informed choice for your future.

Explore your options with us and think about which could be right for you. We can make referrals for adoption and provide helpful resources for parenting.

We do not provide or refer for abortions, but we do offer accurate information to help you understand the procedures and risks and find out necessary pregnancy details.

#2. You Can Confirm the Details of Your Pregnancy

If considering abortion, it’s critical to confirm the details of your pregnancy with an ultrasound scan. These pregnancy details include:

  • Location – Is your pregnancy located inside your uterus, or is it ectopic and requiring a timely medical treatment?
  • Gestational Age – How long have you been pregnant? Medical abortion is only FDA-approved through ten weeks of pregnancy.
  • Viability – Is your pregnancy progressing with a detectable heartbeat, or have you miscarried? If you miscarried, the pregnancy has ended on its own, and you will want to seek medical help to make sure you don’t need any further treatment.

These three details will play a role in your available, safe options. 

Keep in mind that abortion is currently banned in Texas, except in cases of life endangerment. However, women cannot be held criminally or civilly liable for seeking an abortion.

#3. You Can Process Your Feelings and Receive Support

At The Open Door, you are not alone! Our center specializes in supporting women and their partners facing unplanned pregnancies. 

We can help you process your feelings, receive support, understand your options, and find community resources. All of our services are completely free and confidential.

Schedule an appointment today to talk with us! We can help.