When you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, many things go through your mind. How far along am I? What should I do? First things first: take a deep breath. You can do this, and there are resources available to help you make the best decision for your life. 

Before deciding which pregnancy option is best for you, there are a few things you’ll want to do first to protect your health and safety.

2.Taking a Pregnancy Test

If you haven’t already, taking a pregnancy test is the best way to confirm whether you’re pregnant. These tests are available at places like pharmacies, grocery stores, and your local pregnancy resource center.

3.Getting a Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

Getting an ultrasound following the confirmation of your pregnancy can tell you a variety of important things about your pregnancy and overall health, including the following:

  1. Viability: An ultrasound will determine the viability of your pregnancy, how healthy it is, and whether it is growing normally. Sometimes, a pregnancy may naturally end in miscarriage. In fact, up to 10-20% of known pregnancies miscarry, meaning that this is a relatively common occurrence. It is important to know that miscarriage is not your fault, and you shouldn’t blame yourself if it does occur.
  2. Gestational age: Your gestational age is how far along you are. This information will be able to date your pregnancy.
  3. Location of pregnancy: The location of your pregnancy is very important to know. Sometimes, women experience something called an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a pregnancy is located in a place other than the uterus, such as in one of the fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy cannot sustain itself and is very dangerous when left untreated. You will require medical attention to treat this complication. 

3. Learning About Your Options

You have probably heard about abortion but may not know much about the two other options: adoption and parenting.

Adoption is a beautiful way to give a child a wonderful life, but it can come with some challenges. There’s a lot of joy in creating a family, but there can also be some difficult emotions. Luckily, there are several plans to choose from, including open adoption and closed adoption, so you can choose one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Parenting is an incredibly rewarding journey, and it also takes a lot of hard work. There are support services in place to help you become the best parent you can be, including opportunities to receive material resources, rental assistance, and more. 

It is essential to review all of your options so that you can make an informed decision. 

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